Trackboxx is a simple and effective tool to record and evaluate visitors to your website.
With Trackboxx we offer a clear and simple solution to evaluate what is happening on your website. No consent banner is required and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.
The Trackboxx works without cookies and do not store any personal data! This means that you donĀ“t have to mention Trackboxx in any Consent Banner. So long as you are not using any other program that collects personal data, the Opt-in Option for example, Consent Banner is not required.
Despite all the simplicity of the software Trackboxx is based on a modern and high- performance solution which can process billions of page requests due to our server architecture and our worldwide CDN network.

Few Top Features:-Easy To Use
The Trackboxx shows you simply and clearly what is happening on your website. Even complex analysis are no problem.
Top Performance
Trackboxx tracking script has been developed and programmed so that it does not affect or slow down your website at any time.
Worldwide CDN
Through Trackboxx worldwide CDN we ensure that the tracking script is always delivered quickly and effectively.
For The Future
Trackboxx team will actively develop the Trackboxx further and provide many new and helpful features for you.